Visit castel Treffort

800 years of history

Discover the 800 years of history of the Château de Treffort, built in the 12th century by the Coligny family. Annexed by the Bourguignons in 1285, he became the property of the Counts of Savoy in 1289. Initially a castle with eight towers, a drawbridge and a housing body, It presents the famous leaded tiles of Meillonnas. The 1600 war led to the partial destruction of the castle, rescued in 1909 by architect Tony Ferret. Having become his home, he now houses a captivating museum, tracing the history of the site from the 12th century until the reconstruction by Ferret. The exhibition includes objects, original works, and reconstructions, offering visitors an immersive dive in the past. A visit booklet guides visitors through ten rooms, while a playbook invites children to explore the history of the castle in a fun way.